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Is it time to start using AI?
If so, this whitepaper will be a
real treasure for you!

Discover 28 AI-based tools in Product Design, focus on
solving business challenges and product issues! Don’t let it slip away! 

AI-based tools in Product Design - SCALER Whitepaper
The document recommends AI-based solutions to the following business challenges No business profit due to falling turnover and customer numbers; Differentiation of digital products in a competitive market; Burning internal resources
In addition to the above, it makes recommendations for digital product issues Compliance with regulations; Security issues and data privacy; UX problems e.g. Lack of user research and validation
BONUS 1 → 10+1 APIs and third-party integrations from Midjourney to Salesforce
BONUS 2 → 10 Super-useful Chat GPT prompts for product managers
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