Brick by Brick – Chatting with Tamás About His Passion for C#, Lego, and Traveling

November 23, 2023
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Hi Tamás, what kind of projects are you working on with SCALER nowadays?

I’m a C# developer and working on some projects related to a steel-production company in a fully remote way.

When did you get in contact with SCALER?

I got in touch with Robi about a year ago, and because I was interested in SCALER and there was a developer position available, we agreed to work together.

What has been your career path as a developer? When did you first feel that this was your true calling?

In high school first I was in maths and physics class, and although I was leaning towards physics, I eventually continued with IT specialization.

We were lucky to have a great teacher who started by introducing C# programming language to us. It was love at first sight: I programmed games with my buddy right in first grade.

From then it was obvious: I took my final exam in IT and then continued my studies at the Eötvös Loránd University (ELTE) majoring Computer Science.

Your thesis was exciting, could you tell us a few words about it?

Sure. In my thesis I presented a program that generates instructions for building Lego sculptures based on 3D models available online.

So it tells you that you’ll need 3 pieces of red 1x3 bricks?

Yes, that’s how it works, exactly.

And what types of sculptures can it handle? Can it be a penguin, for example?

Anything you can imagine, and everything that can be represented using 3D modeling.

Here comes a question I ask everyone: what about AI?

I don’t use AI for my daily work at the moment. There are two things that I consider important regarding the AI. The first is the importance of validation, since we work in a very specific field, and it can be expected that there is much less input available for the AI to produce the right answers.

The other thing is that an AI platform like ChatGPT can rather be used in my field for guidance, and not for carrying out specific tasks—for now, at least.

If you could do anything but work for one day, what would it be?

Well, that’s a hard question, a lot of things, surely. But then again, if it’s just for one day, I’d probably just stay at home and do the usual geeky stuff!

Haha, that’s a good one! You’ve mentioned before that you were a huge board game enthusiast.

Yes, that’s a real passion of ours. We often organize board game parties with friends and we’re eager to try the newly launched games. I especially appreciate the games where strategy plays a more significant role than sheer luck.

And finally, a quick question: do you prefer beach or mountain destinations?

Actually, I’m rather into city breaks. When we visited Paris, for example, I prepared with a detailed plan, we went to plenty of places. In Prague we looked for hidden bars and restaurants off the classic tourist course. I don’t really like sitting in one place, I prefer active recreation. But now that you mentioned beaches, Crete and Bali are pretty appealing destinations to me.

Thank you for these insights to your developer work and your life outside the “office”, Tamás! And special thanks for the tip on the board game!—Ed.

Györgyi Rapai-Csáki

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