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<Financial sector/> Empowering financial services with next-level template and resource management

Our client in the financial services industry wanted to streamline their template and resource management using a modern version control system. To accomplish this, we designed a Java backend and an Angular frontend to replace their outdated Java-based system. Our team was responsible for the system design, assembling the development team, and executing the implementation. With our innovative solution, our client can now efficiently manage their templates and resources, improving their overall workflow and productivity.
< technological stack />
Java backend (Spring) / Angular / PostgreSQL / Docker / GitLab

<Automotive /> Streamlining Quality Control through computer vision

Our team was responsible for configuring and managing a camera system placed on a production line. This machine vision project involves quality control of products passing through the production line based on pre-defined detection parameters in an industrial environment. We connected the image analysis and processing systems written in Python, ensuring their communication via Message Queue. We displayed the results of the process  in a web-based system, storing the data, statistics, and logs in Azure Cloud. The system was built on Java Spring and supported by custom hardware development, providing an innovative solution for automated quality control in an industrial environment.
< technological stack />
Java backend (Spring) / RabbitMQ / Docker / PostgreSQL / Hadoop / Angular / Pyhton / Azure Cloud

<Telecommunications /> Revamping a legacy system for improved efficiency 
and functionality

Our team was responsible for the development of a new and improved version of an existing system, replacing outdated technologies and frameworks with a modern Angular front-end and a system of Java and C# microservices for data handling during user interactions. The primary goal of the project was to automate processes using machine-to-machine communication, with subsystems communicating with each other via REST API calls. Additionally, we added missing tests to the original source code and created automated tests for our custom-built components. We also implemented the new version of the previously on-premises system on Azure Cloud.
< technological stack />
Java backend (Spring) / Docker / PostgreSQL/  Azure Cloud / GitLab / GitLab CI /JIRA + Confluence

<Healthcare /> Ensuring FDA compliance for an international medical electronics manufacturer

Our team was responsible for ensuring FDA compliance for an international medical electronics manufacturing company looking to expand into the US market. We created a comprehensive document structure and identified areas that did not meet the required regulations thorough analysis of existing processes. We then developed the final standards, processes, and accompanying documents necessary to meet the health standards. As a result of our work, the client obtained FDA certification and has established a significant presence in the US market.

<FMCG/> Embedded development with
AI integration for hardware solution

Scaler provided embedded development with AI integration for an existing hardware solution that runs on both desktop and Raspberry Pi operating systems. We developed the software entirely from scratch for a pic microcontroller without an operating system, complete with a bootloader, over-the-air update, and postmortem debugging feature. The desktop application controls the entire system, and we also developed a digital signage network on a Raspberry Pi platform. The development was carried out in Qt and C++.

< Big data analysis /> Revolutionizing data analysis with AI-enabled software development

We developed a cutting-edge software solution for behavior analysis that enabled the processing and searching of massive amounts of data (5-10 million) with ease. Our development process heavily relied on Artificial Intelligence (AI) to draw accurate conclusions from the available data, while also utilizing the Lean-Agile Development approach with regular sprints to ensure smooth and efficient progress. With our solution, our client was able to revolutionize their data analysis capabilities and gain valuable insights into their business operations.

< Media /> Reimagining the sharing and categorization of video, image, and audio content with stock providers

Our task was to create a web and desktop application, available on both Windows and Mac, that transforms the way video, image, and audio content is categorized and distributed to stock providers. Our solution provides a centralized interface to manage, organize, and display files, including the ability to set metadata and categories easily. We also automated the uploading of content to stock sites, like Shutterstock, while pairing set parameters and metadata accordingly.

< Wholesale /> A fully customizable ERP system for mid-sized retailers

Salesboard ERP is a powerful business management system designed to help commercial companies manage and track their processes in a consistent, transparent manner, replacing outdated excel sheets and ensuring accurate monthly statements.

Our solution combines a customizable ERP system, an integrated mobile app, and a reseller webshop to meet the real market needs of mid-sized retailers. Plus, with cloud-based databases and automatic security updates and backups, you can rest easy knowing your data is always safe and secure.

< Education /> A web and mobile app that provides a smarter way to prep for exams

Our task was to develop a learning and exam preparation web and mobile application, mainly targeting the Western European market. The application offers students access to tutorials and tests, allowing them to prepare for exams easily and without the need to take notes during lectures. During the project, we were responsible for market research, UI/UX design, and the development of the mobile and web application, which was done in an agile manner, and of course, the documentation of the development.

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