Revolutionizing stock media management

Reimagining the sharing and categorization of video, image, and audio content with stock providers through a web application.

Business Objectives

Create a web and desktop application, available on both Windows and Mac, that transforms the way video, image, and audio content is categorized and distributed to stock providers. By simplifying the categorization and distribution process, we help users save time and resources while improving the overall efficiency of their content sharing strategy.

Despite several changes in direction and feature extensions during development, Scaler’s team remained flexible and dedicated to supporting the success of our application.
co-founder of Astodi


The primary challange we solved with the development involved users storing image and video content in different locations, such as on their personal computers, Dropbox, or Google Drive. Our solution provides a centralized interface to manage, organize, and display files, including the ability to set metadata and categories easily. We also automated the uploading of content to stock sites, like Shutterstock, while pairing set parameters and metadata accordingly.

As part of the project, we created a comprehensive functional specification to outline the proposed solution, working closely with the client to achieve an optimal balance between cost and user experience. Employing an agile methodology, the development process progressed according to plan, with excellent cooperation and professional expertise from both sides.

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