InTaxi app

Innovating logistics management

A new approach to transportation, that simplifies order placement, logistics management, and reporting - empowering manufacturing companies to optimize their supply chain operations.

Business Objectives

Our task was to develop a transportation support application for a large manufacturing company. The web-based system allowed multiple parties, including contractors and clients, to place orders for delivery services, with a real-time tracking feature to monitor the status of the transportation process. In addition, we also developed a mobile application for Android devices to help drivers complete their delivery tasks efficiently.

They took the time to understand the business needs and designed every detail of the user experience. High quality, continuous communication, testing, and documentation, just as we agreed at the beginning.
László Vidra - Delta Group


We were trusted with developing a transport support application for a large manufacturing company. The purpose of the application is to enable customers to place orders for transportation services via a web interface in a multi-party system (main contractor, subcontractors, customers), which the main contractor can process and create transport tasks for themselves or subcontractors.

Completed transports must be trackable in the system, with the ability to make operational modifications and generate reports on task completion.The solution includes a customer interface for placing and joining orders with interactive map support, allowing for additional travel services to be added, such as luggage, bicycle transport, and child seats.

Customers can evaluate the driver, vehicle, and service quality on a scale of 1 to 5 in the feedback section.We used Angular 11 with NgRx state management to create a fully reactive user interface. Data is served by an ASP.NET Core application installed in a Kubernetes environment using Entity Framework Core and Microsoft SQL Server. Hangfire was used for periodic external data synchronization. The taxi module development included an Android mobile application to support drivers with real-time data and navigation assistance during transport task completion.

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