Software license reselling application

Effortlessly manage software licenses

A cloud-based application for reselling enterprise software licenses via monthly subscriptions, with a user-friendly web interface for partners to easily activate, modify or cancel orders.

Business Objectives

Our task was to develop a web application for selling monthly subscription licenses in a complex system, where reselling partners can place license orders, increase user numbers, and cancel subscriptions via a web interface.

Simultaneously, the license purchased by the reseller was automatically ordered on the vendor's server (e.g., Microsoft), and the license entitlement was automatically confirmed on the fly.

The ordered license is immediately activated via the vendor's server, and triggering the procurement/sales process in the distributor's management system.

Our virtual meetings were a highlight of my week, where they consistently impressed me with their outstanding work and provided valuable insights on the project's progress.
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We established a 3 level licence resell portal as a greenfield project. The portal can be accessed by resellers and their customers, allowing them to purchase monthly software licenses, register new subscriptions, increase subscription numbers or cancel subscriptions.

Furthermore, we intend to include a ticketing system in a future update that will allow users to directly communicate with the portal's experts and ask questions about particular products and their functionality. The portal was built using state-of-the-art, maintainable, and clean technologies, including the C#.Net CORE and Angular frameworks.

For the look and feel, we used a custom material design approach in line with current trends.

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