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November 23, 2023
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According to a study, 80% of the features developed are generally not used. This is a shocking figure, considering the amount of time, energy and, not least, money that companies invest in major developments.

The development of a product or service in the digital space can only be successful if each stage receives the right focus. To gain a comprehensive understanding of consumer needs, it is crucial to conduct thorough research to prevent the inclusion of unnecessary features during development. 

In the article below, we’ll share insights about the importance of research, supported by practical examples. We’ve recently published a podcast on the topic, in which Tamás Sáfrányos, CEO of Scaler Digital Agency and Györgyi Rapai-Csáki, Marketing Communications Specialist of Scaler Digital Agency, had a discussion with the Service Design expert Zsolt Bende. Listen to the first episode of the Product Scalers podcast here (the episode will be available with English subtitles soon):

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How to gain a competitive edge?

Research is a powerful tool that has the potential to completely alter the course of a company's objectives and development plans. In addition to establishing the specific research objective, effective research also encompasses evaluating the market environment, analyzing the company's products or services, and conducting in-depth investigations into the target audience to ultimately identify an end-user persona.

The research confirms whether our hypothesis is valid and our target audience encounters the issue our product or service can address.

If we can conclude at this early stage that our original hypothesis is wrong, a huge amount of effort can be saved. By the time our research has been completed, we might also obtain results indicating if we have been considering the incorrect target audience or development segment. By adopting this method, it is possible to gain significant competitive edge over the competitors. 

Get started!

Prior to launching the research process, experts consider it important to have an initial workshop. The objective of this workshop is to help designers understand the client’s needs. In general, this is a 2-day event with 8-10 stakeholders. The workshop allows experts to conduct investigations through guided exercises. It's essential for everyone involved in the product or service development to be present at the event, and it is advisable to have a representative present from the customer service as well.

Furthermore, it is recommended to include the developers at this stage already. During this workshop the business purposes shall be defined (which should always include increasing the revenue), in addition to topics such as assumed or real end-user needs and buying habits.

In brief, the initial workshop serves as a market assessment. The stakeholders also examine the product or service in question (if it already exists), identify the research methodology necessary for the company, and the tools they plan to apply during the research process.

A fail-safe tool

The in-depth interview with the users is one of the best tools. This requires conducting a preliminary study to ensure that we have identified the correct target audience for testing. There are plenty of reliable materials available free of charge. The preliminary study can serve as a point of departure to define the behavior and problems of a given target audience. 

As a consequence, the in-depth interviews are conducted with this group of people, in the form of guided conversations. These conversations are usually complemented with a survey to support the findings of the interview. In both studies, the analysts will be searching for duplications, which will aid in pinpointing the real issue and validating the hypothesis regarding whether the product or service requires improvement or a complete reevaluation. 

Still having doubts?

Based on experience it has been demonstrated that ongoing communication and collaboration among various stakeholders are indispensable for the success of research. When the appropriate specialist is selected for service development, they can transform the data gathered during the research into a meaningful and valuable format for a successful service creation, and consequently, for business growth.

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Györgyi Rapai-Csáki

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