The game-changing power of Product Design

September 6, 2023
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Whether you're dreaming up a brand-new digital marvel or giving a fresh spin to an old favorite, there's a hidden treasure that can decide if it’ll be your next bop or (ouch) – cringeworthy flop! 

It's that magical moment we call Product Design.

We’re here to show you why it’s genuinely worth investing in a powerful Product Design process and how the SCALER Framework can help you create products that competitors envy and customers love!

What exactly is Product Design?

Just to make sure we’re all on the same page:

Product Design is the process of turning a broad vision into a high-fidelity prototype, all while ensuring your product or service aligns with business goals, solves existing customer needs, and is validated by real users to ensure a knockout consumer experience.

The key point here to remember? 

A successful Product Design process is all about problem-solving! 

Ideally, it’s based on the idea of design thinking. This genius concept flips problems on their heads through the magic of human-centered design. It uses empathy and constant iterations to deeply understand and keep up with your customers’ needs, drivers, and pain points.

Why should Product Design be the beating heart of your development process?

Bad UX Mobile app missing product design process

Let’s put this another way: how many times have you deleted an app because signing up felt like cracking a secret code? Or, let's be real, how often has a checkout form glitch made you want to toss your device out the window mid-purchase?

Nerve-racking, right?

Well, these are just a few examples of why a mediocre Product Design can send your customers straight into the arms of your rivals, forcing you to face a considerable hit on your business profits!

The main focus of Product Design is to dive deep into the minds of your audience. Some specific steps, such as User Research, Customer interviews, User surveys, or Desktop research allow you to explore the needs, behaviors, and pain points of the end-users of your product.

Converting this raw data into Customer Journey Maps and Service Blueprints, conjuring up interactive UI Prototypes, and testing it with representative customers ensures that the end product is a true match for both user needs and the project's goals.

In fact, early validation becomes your superhero cape, saving you precious time and money down the road!

Remember: in today's hyper-connected world, where user attention spans rival that of a goldfish, designing intuitive, loveable products or services is the secret sauce that sets you apart from the rest.


And guess what? The more your customers fall head over heels for your solution, the deeper the bond grows. An exceptional Product Design helps to breed familiarity and loyalty within your customer base, generating those conversion rates you’ve always dreamt of!

But here's the kicker: it's not just about today; it's about forever. Changing trends and customer needs? Not a threat to your business! An innovative Product Design process helps to build scalable and agile digital solutions, making sure you’re always ahead of the curve! 

So far so good, but what happens if you neglect the design phase?

Taking a digital product from idea to the finish line takes a marathon of time, money, and other resources. As sales are only generated once the product is ready for the customer to use, it’s tempting to rush through the design process.

And here’s the hitch: skipping over a thorough Product Design phase could end up like taking a road trip without a map – costing your company a fortune!

Imagine the horror of receiving a trail of scathing reviews, seeing your once-faithful fanbase evaporate, and enduring a sneak attack on your precious profits! Not to mention the hassle of handling constant change requests and bug fixes, wasting valuable resources.

Keep in mind: when people choose between two brands, it isn’t always about whether the given product looks better or costs less compared to the other one. 

Most often, it’s about how it makes them feel. 

If a thoughtlessly designed solution makes your customers feel confused, stupid, or annoyed, you don’t just risk turning them off of that one product or service, but of your company itself – possibly for life!

How can your business benefit from a first-class Product Design process?

1. Increased revenues

An exceptional Product Design translates to an enjoyable user experience. This WOW factor your solution creates can make the difference between a user sticking with their current solution or switching to something else. 

As people start to recognize the value of your solution, they’ll most probably leave positive reviews which may have a snowball effect on your sales. 

In fact, studies suggest that 23% of customers who had a positive user experience told 10 or more people about it. It's like a delightful domino effect where each piece is a stepping stone to your company's success!

Accordingly, businesses that embrace design, generate 32% more revenue and 56% more shareholder returns, on average!

The Impact of Digital Product Design  on Business Success

2. Strong brand identity

Remember how Apple used the pure magic of Product Design to revolutionize the smartphone industry when introducing the first iPhone in 2007?

Their secret code to success?

Changing how phones and laptops look, perform, and feel. Something to strive for when designing your brand-new digital wonder as well! 

Without a doubt, a Product Design that’s functional and easily distinguishable by your target audience entails a rock-solid brand identity. 

The cherry on top? 

A unique and innovative Product Design goes hand in hand with positive media coverage, helping you unlock doors to new markets!

3. Loyal customer base

Did you know that 80% of shoppers would be more than willing to invest a bit extra for a well-designed product?

On the flip side, over 30% of buyers would leave a brand they liked in the past after only one bad user experience.

Concerning, right?

Statistics show that Product Design is one of the most critical aspects of building credibility and brand loyalty!

4. Decreased costs

Considering potential issues that may arise after launch (such as constant bug fixes or permanent support), a top-notch Product Design can also help you cut costs in the long run, reducing customer service workload and freeing up valuable resources.

Get ready to supercharge your digital Product Design with the SCALER Framework!

The specific steps and phases of the SCALER Framework for Product Design ensure that your digital products not only stand out but also rake in remarkable returns on your investment. 

SCALER Framework for Product Design

Our battle-tested approach kicks off every partnership by diving straight into your business needs, your dream audience, and the ever-shifting market landscape. Through collaborative workshops and deep-dive research, we soak in all those insights and spin them into a clear product strategy that's not just aligned with your business goals, but primes your product for the ultimate success.

Excited yet? 

Brace yourself for that jaw-dropping WOW moment from your customers!

Take a breather, fill out our quick questionnaire, and let's chat about your goals and aspirations. And yes, coffee's on us – because big things happen over a steaming cup of awesome! ☕🚀

Györgyi Rapai-Csáki

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