Tired of digital product flops? Level up with the SCALER Framework!

September 22, 2023
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Crummy reviews, dwindling customer numbers, and a hit to your bottom line – did your latest digital product or service turn out less successful than expected?

We got you: dumping huge resources into attempting to build solutions your customers love, and still not getting the results you dreamt of is never fun and games.

If you’re ready to kick failure to the curb, let’s see how the SCALER Framework of Product Design can help you gain a winning edge! 

SCALER Framework – The engine behind your success

Most often, the root of failure can be traced back to skipping over a thorough Product Design process.

This is extremely risky, as thoughtlessly designed solutions not only make your customers feel annoyed, but they’re a one-way ticket to turning them off of your company itself, possibly forever!

This is why the SCALER Framework of Product Design prioritizes a user-centered approach, focusing on understanding the needs of your buyers throughout the entire user journey.

The result?

A captivating digital experience that sets you apart from your rivals and yields significant returns on your investment!

SCALER Framework: a battle-tested approach aligned with your business goals 

Trusted by powerful leaders across diverse industries, the SCALER Framework of Product Design consists of 3 main phases: 

  • Research;
  • Concept & Design; and 
  • Delivery.
Scaler framework for Product Design

Let’s take a brief look at each!

01 Research

Following the first steps of the SCALER Framework, our journey begins with diving headfirst into your world! We soak in your business needs, target audience vibes, and the market landscape you rock in through collaborative workshops and in-depth research.

What does this exactly mean?

We engage in customized and facilitated activities such as Stakeholder Mapping, Vision Creation, Risk Matrix, and EcoSystem Mapping to create a high-level project plan. 

Through a carefully orchestrated blend of Stakeholder Interviews, Heuristic Evaluation, Competitor Analysis, and User Research, we embark on a journey of exploring the needs, behaviors, and pain points of various actors of your product.

Next, we convert raw data into Customer Journey Maps and Service Blueprints. Through meticulous analysis and creative interpretation, we distill complex data points into a visual narrative that traces the path of the customer's experience.

All these gems of insights fuel us to craft a product strategy that not only matches your business goals but positions your product for success!

02 Concept and Design

Now it's time to really make things come to life! 

We're talking about diving deep into crafting Screen Flows, sketching out Wireframes, giving a dazzling touch to UI Design, and conjuring up interactive UI Prototypes. This is where the user journey starts to take shape through the digital landscape. 

At this exciting point of the SCALER Framework, we place the early version of your product in the hands of users to identify any usability issues early in the design process. 

Gathering insights into user behavior, preferences, and pain points, we refine the design iteratively, making strategic decisions about which features and functionalities should take the spotlight. 

The ultimate goal?

Laying down the foundations of an end product that's a true match for both user needs and the project's grand goals!

03 Delivery

This last stage of the SCALER Framework marks the transition from ideation to tangible reality.

Here, the blueprint of success lies in the creation of detailed descriptions of Epics, outlining the overarching themes and functionalities that will shape the final product. 

At the same time, a Design System comes to life, serving as the guiding constellation for developers to navigate the intricacies of design consistency and implementation.


The SCALER Framework for Product Design prevents you from investing heaps of resources into developing a product that might fail.

Our mission?

Building digital solutions that captivate your audience and yield remarkable returns on your investment.

Scaler digital product design and development contact

Györgyi Rapai-Csáki

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