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October 26, 2023
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Are you in the midst of planning a digital masterpiece, wondering if your UI will be intuitive enough to dazzle your customers? Also unsure how to make potential buyers hit that “Buy Now” button to boost in-app purchases? Thinking about the most efficient ways of turning them into loyal fans is a blurry question too?

Well, here's the thing: understanding your customers' minds is a challenge.

While it isn't possible to predict the user journey with absolute precision, crafting User Personas and Customer Journey Maps will give you the insights to attract those enthusiastic app store reviews, entice new users through referrals, and drastically improve your business’s bottom line!

What is a User Persona?

Before diving into how these two strategic tools help you get ready to WOW your audience, let’s see first what they exactly mean.

Both methodologies are important parts of the User Research phase of your Product Design process.

A User Persona is a semi-fictional representation of the characteristics, needs, behaviors, and goals of your target audience. These Personas come to life through real user data gathered from customer interviews and surveys.

Generally, User Personas include demographic information, such as age, gender, location, and education, as well as psychographic information, such as personality traits and motivations – the secret ingredients to creating experiences that resonate, excite, and leave your audience in awe!

User Persona
An example of creating a User Persona

Why should you care about crafting User Personas?

Knowing your customers from head to toe is inevitable for success.

Let’s break it down.

Imagine you're gearing up to roll out a slick financial planning feature for your app. Do you have a rock-solid grip on who your users really are?

Are they fresh-faced 18-year-olds looking for ways to save for their first flat? Or is it more about savvy middle-aged folks determined not to let retirement planning slip through their fingers?

Keeping you laser-focused on your users' genuine needs, feelings, motivations, pain points, and expectations, User Personas are the secret sauce that spices up product development, turbocharges your sales strategies, and makes your marketing campaigns pop. It’s all about nailing down exactly what functions to implement, what colors to use, what messages to convey – the list goes on!

Once you’ve created distinct User Personas, you'll harness their power to create Customer Journey Maps – time to wave goodbye to customer fade-away, and say hello to conversions that delight!

Hold on a sec… What is a Customer Journey Map?

Before answering the question, let’s rewind the clock back to 1981 when Jan Carlzon took the reins at Scandinavian Airlines. He spotted a hiccup in the system: various internal processes were being hampered by bureaucracy. To empower his customer-facing team to make better and faster decisions, he needed to peek into the minds, hearts, and behaviors of his customers at each stage of their interaction with the service.

And voilà! The Customer Journey Map was born.

Think of it as a visual journey that paints the entire picture of how your customers engage with your service or product – from stumbling upon your brand on social media to the instant they start engaging with your product, and yes, even up to the point where they're venting on the phone with your customer service team!

Accordingly, a Customer Journey Map typically includes:

Customer stages such as awareness, consideration, decision, purchase, post-purchase, and loyalty.

User actions.

Customer touchpoints such as social media, review sites, website, app, chatbot, or phone.

Customer emotions.

Customer pain points and solutions.

Customer Journey Map
An example of creating Customer Journey Map

What are the wins from creating Customer Journey Maps?

A well-constructed and researched Customer Journey Map helps you take your Product Design game to a whole new level:

  • King of customer centricity: Creating a Customer Journey Map allows you to take your buyer’s perspective and use it as an opportunity to discover and conquer any challenges they might encounter when interacting with your company. Imagine being able to map out the client's path, analyze different user scenarios, and pinpoint gaps in your user experience – at all levels of your organization! 
  • Risk minimization at its finest: Say goodbye to costly trial-and-error methods – with a crystal-clear understanding of your customers' desires, you'll be equipped to not just meet but exceed their expectations right from the start!
  • Raving fans for your brand: Did you know that companies armed with Customer Journey Maps enjoy a 24% increase in positive social media mentions and a 3.5 times boost in revenue from customer referrals? Once you've cleared the roadblocks in your users' path, you'll have happier customers who’re not only eager to return but also enthusiastic about singing your brand's praises to the world! 
  • Revenue surge: Elevating the customer experience isn't just about retention; it's about boosting your bottom line. With satisfied customers sticking around longer and opening their wallets wider, you could enjoy a whopping 54% higher return on your marketing investment. Understanding how customers move through your sales funnel, you'll not only be able to optimize the efficiency of that journey but also spot golden opportunities for cross-sell and upsell! 

What are the best Customer Journey Mapping tools to use?

Luckily, there's a plethora of Customer Journey Map templates and tools you can use – from the sleek design of Adobe XD through the collaborative power of Miro to the intuitive interface of Canvanizer.

Each tool varies in terms of features, pricing, and user experience. Therefore, make sure to evaluate your specific requirements and choose the product that best fits your needs!

Customer Journey Map in Miro for App design and development
Customer Journey Map in Miro

Prime your product for success with Customer Journey Maps & User Personas!

Crafting User Personas and Customer Journey Maps is a powerful way to tap right into your customers’ desires. 

As part of your Product Design process, these strategic tools help you deliver what your customers want and create experiences that not only make them fall in love with your brand but foster unbreakable bonds of loyalty!

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Györgyi Rapai-Csáki

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